Special Event, Limited Time Only

If you solve the magic, we will give you 1,000 yen!One customer was able to receive 39,000 yen.This event will end when we reach 1,000,000 yen in payouts.✩Magicians and people in the magic business are not eligible to participate.But they are welcome to come and enjoy the show!

Special Event,Limited Time Only

You may have seen some of our magic on TV, but our show will have magic the likes of which you have never seen before, much less performed right in front of your eyes.

Price System

Standard Course

4,000 yen
✩Includes Close-Up magic and a stage show.

All you can drink

✩You can order as many drinks from the menu as you would like.
✩Includes Close-Up magic and a stage show.

Birthday Plan  (Reservation required)

Additional charge of 3,000 yen per group
✩We can provide a personalized cake, delivered “magically.”
✩You will receive a personalized Cuore deck of cards, complete with a short explanation of some magic.
✩We can provide a special magic “transference” of a personal, signed playing card into a bottle, which can then be taken home.
Many people are touched by the personal touch we provide for the birthday guest.
☆If you have special item you wish to present to somebody magically.
Please let us know and we can accommodate the request.

Private Party, full rental of our bar and stage just for your group (Reservation required)

For a party, after-party, or any private event
All you can drink, close-up show, special stage show
✩Flexible depending on your budget, and we can discuss the specific production, time, food and anything else to make it a personalized event.Up to 100 peoples.

✩All special courses will include a 10% service charge and tax.

Please click on the photo to up.


We strongly recommend making a reservation, as seating is limited.

No admission fee or annual membership fees.
Please ask our staff about becoming a member!

CUORE special service
Each member of your party receives a 500 yen discount if you make reservations at least a day before using the homepage.
For birthday guests who make reservations, we will provide a free birthday cake with a special magical presentation.

■お問い合わせご予約はこちらから 〒160-0021 東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-2-13新光ビル5F CUORE ※詳しい所在はこちらから TEL:03-5272-4000 OPEN 20:00~5:00